Winter Seminar 2013


Gardens Near and Far

PLANT's Winter Seminar will bring together plant and design experts known locally, nationally and internationally.  This seminar covers the northwest to the southeast North American and then sweeps from Europe to Japan. Members pricing is available to all members of PLANT, TNLA and members of any local garden club or association. Boxed lunch from the Pineapple Room is included.

At Cheekwood Botanical Garden: Massey Hall

February 21, 2013                    8:00 AM-4:00 PM

Advance registration: $75
Registration at door: $100

Advance registration: $100
Registration at door: $125

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Our Speakers

Key Note Speaker: Dan Hinkley  

Dan is an internationally known horticulturalist, garden writer, and nurseryman. He has collected, propagated and named many varieties of plants new to the North American nursery trade. The title of his lecture this year is: 'Evolution; Garden and Gardener'. It has been 12 years since Dan Hinkley left the shade and shadows of a woodland garden called Heronswood, in Washington State, and began gardening anew in full sun on a windswept bluff above Puget Sound at Windcliff. Take a visual tour with Dan as he notes the successes and failures of his new garden while discussing his growth as a gardener and plantsman along the journey.

More Exciting Speakers

Dean Norton: ‘Welcome Home George Washington’ Dean has worked at Mt. Vernon for 40 years. As director of horticulture, he is responsible for managing the ground greenhouse houses and livestock to look exactly as it did when Washington died in 1799. This presentation is more story than lecture. Dean will go beyond Washington’s story to talk about preservation and how that’s changed over the years.

Don Shadow: ‘Plants of Promise’ As a fourth-generation nurseryman, Don has operated his own nursery in Winchester, TN since 1973. He is widely recognized nationally and internationally, as an expert plantsman and horticulturist. He works closely with several university and arboretum breeding program to evaluate new plant material. His presentation will highlight some of his favorites.

Owen Reich: ‘The Natural Art of Acer palmatum Owen has just returned to the states after spending two years in Japan as a bonsai apprentice. His presentation uses wild Japanese Maples as inspiration for training garden and bonsai specimens. He will also highlight differences in the care of trees in Japan and here in the U.S.

Paul Cappiello: ‘Estate Gardens of Europe’ Paul is executive director of Yew Dell Gardens in Crestwood, Kentucky. Yew Dell is the former home and nursery of Kentucky nursery industry leader Theodore Klein and his family.


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